We assist Startup’s, SME’s and Large Enterprises in their


Welcome to the next generation of Digital Technologies and help your organization embrace the digital future.

Mobile App Developments

Our team of mobile development experts will help your organization create the best native or hybrid app experience. Our deep expertise working with mobile platforms for more than 10 years gives us tremendous advantage.

Extended Reality (AR/VR)

The next generation of digital experiences will involve aspects of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our team can help you implement 2D/3D graphics augmented over your content and can also craft realistic and immersive virtual experiences. We have worked across a wide range of XR devices and technologies.

Game Development

Our dedicated Game Development team can bring your game ideas to life with real time rendering using gaming engines like Unity, Unreal. We have successfully delivered games with high quality graphics and realistic physics. We have extensive experience in developing casual games, skill based games.

Web Application Development

Bring your business, or enterprise to the web with the help of our expertise in Web And Cloud Native. We have helped startups adopt Cloud Native, creating a flexible architecture for deploying their software which is scalable and future ready.

IOT Solutions

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Avionics Display

Our graphics team is expert in APIs like OpenGL, Metal and Vulcan and have used these APIs to build avionics displays for General Aviation. We also have experience in developing out the window scenes with overlay mark-ups for.

What makes us Unique?

At the heart of XREALTECH is a team of dreamers and doers who are laser focused on delivering value to clients. We have a collection can-do attitude, the right skills to conquer challenges and the integrity to do the right thing always.


For people at XREALTECH, every problem is a new challenge to be conquered

Time-bound Professionals

We work with the clockwork precision which enables us to deliver work on time, as agreed.

Value Givers

We help our clients gain maximum value with the right choice of technology for web and mobile app development services.